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Arthur L. Carpenter


SAS Fundamentals - A Point and Click Approach

1       Introducing the SAS System and SAS/ASSIST Software
2       Using the SAS System and SAS/ASSIST Software
3       Report Writing
4       Saving and Using Task Window Selections
5       Editing and Browsing Data
6       Sorting Data
7       Defining a New Variable
8       Saving Source for Editing and Re-execution
9       Setting Up SAS Files
10     Entering Data Interactively
11     Importing and Exporting External Data
12     Analyzing Data
13     Accessing External Databases

This course is designed for the user new to SAS System. It is especially geared to students that will either be only occasional users of SAS or who want an overview of the capabilities of the SAS system.

After completion of this course the student will be able to use SAS/ASSIST to

  • Access and create SAS data sets
  • Use basic utility and reporting tools available in the Base SAS System
  • Enter and export data
  • Edit and browse SAS data sets
  • Create data summary reports