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Arthur L. Carpenter


Building Dynamic Programs and Applications Using the SAS® Macro Language  

This seminar shows you how to take advantage of SAS Macro Language capabilities that enable you to write dynamic programs and applications. By mastering the concepts and techniques presented in this class your programs will become free of hard-coded data dependencies, thus eliminating the need to re-write the code every time a data set name, variable name, or other data attribute, changes. Let “them” change the project's specifications as often as “they” want…your code is ready!

The dynamic programming techniques that you will learn about during this seminar:
  • Are flexible and are easily adaptable to changing data structures, data table names, and variable (field) attributes
  • Reduce maintenance requirements by removing data dependencies from within the programs Provide significant resource savings during program/application development cycles
  • Give the end-user extensive control over program execution by using tables such as SAS data dictionaries, SAS data sets, and Excel tables
  • Reduce program validation efforts by providing reusable and generalized code that can be applied to many different applications
  • Establish controlled data environments, thus insuring data integrity throughout your organization
This course makes extensive use of example macros that have been gathered from real world applications, and it concentrates on the techniques necessary to make effective use of these tools