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PROC REPORT: From the Basics to Practical Application  

Highly flexible, very powerful, potential complex, and unfortunately underutilized. While PROC REPORT is used heavily by those who know it, many accomplished SAS® programmers have little or no understanding of the procedure’s most basic capabilities. This seminar provides that initial introduction as well as the details needed to put REPORT to work for you to create tables that stand out.

This Seminar will show you how PROC REPORT works and thinks through a series of increasingly complex examples. Topics included in this seminar are:
  • An introduction to the basic syntax of the PROC step Steps of the REPORT step process
  • Introduction to the COLMN, DEFINE, COMPUTE, BREAK, and RBREAK statements
  • Text control and manipulation
  • The use of the DEFINE statement to form groups and columns
  • The generation of breaks before and after groups
  • The generation of breaks before and after the report
  • Doing more in the compute block.
  • Coordinating ODS with PROC REPORT - the basics