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PROC REPORT: Intermediate and Advanced Topics - The Compute Block and the Process  

For many programmers it is difficult to take this highly flexible, very powerful, potential complex procedure past the basic steps. Much of the confusion lies with the compute block, and its process. To make matters worse many of today’s tables are to be imported into word processing documents and additional complexity is added when coordinating with the Output Delivery System.

You do not have be one of those with an incomplete understanding of PROC REPORT. This Seminar will show you how PROC REPORT thinks as it executes the compute block. Topics included in this course:
  • Review of the REPORT step process Review of the compute block
  • Understanding more about the LINE statement
  • Using SAS Language Elements in the compute block
  • Coordinating ODS with PROC REPORT - beyond the basics
  • Building linked documents
  • Traffic lighting Incorporating graphics with your report
  • Using SAS/GRAPH® to augment a table
  • Implementation of in-line formatting sequences