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Advanced Reporting and Analysis Techniques for the SAS® Power User: 

It's Not Just About The PROCs!  

There are literally hundreds of techniques used on a daily basis by the users of SAS® software as they perform analyses and generate reports. Although often obscure, most of these techniques are relatively easy to learn and generally do not require specialized training before they can be implemented. Unfortunately a majority of these techniques are used by only a very small minority of the analysts and programmers. They are not used more frequently, because a majority of SAS users have simply not been exposed to them. Left to ourselves it is often very difficult to ‘discover’ the intricacies of these techniques and then to sift through them for the nuggets that have immediate value.

This one day course presents a series of those nuggets. It covers a broad range of SAS topics that have proved to be useful to the intermediate and advanced SAS programmer that is involved with the analysis and reporting of data. The intended audience is expected to have a firm grounding in Base SAS. For most of the covered topics, the course will introduce useful techniques and options, but will not ‘teach the procedure’.

The course includes options and techniques associated with:
  • MEANS/SUMMARY - new and advanced techniques
  • User Defined Formats - directives, nesting, preloaded, multi-label
  • REPORT Compute Blocks
  • The Macro Language
  • Output Delivery System, ODS
  • Operating System Interfaces
  • DATA Step Functions and Options
  • and more . . . .