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Arthur L. Carpenter


Using SAS/GRAPH Software  

1       Introduction to SAS/GRAPH
2       Graphics Environment
3       Enhancing Graphic Text
4       Plots in Two Dimensions
5       Plots in Three Dimensions
6       Summary Graphics
7       Producing Maps
8       Special Techniques Without ANNOTATE
9       Using the ANNOTATE Facility
10     Replaying and Displaying Stored Graphs
11     Graphics Editor
12     Data Step Graphics Interface
13     Advanced Topics

This course walks the SAS user through the SAS/GRAPH product and includes topics from the simple to the complex. It covers topics from the fundamentals of graphic construction to the use of the ANNOTATE Facility.

Upon completion of this course the student will be able to:

  • Generate report quality graphics displays.
  • Generate graphics that reflect data stored in SAS data sets.
  • Store and replay graphs and charts.
  • Generate and transport graphics among devices.

    The student will learn:

  • how to integrate graphics procedures with the base SAS System.
  • a set of graphics tools which can be used to generate, enhance, and modify graphic output.
  • about powerful pre-programmed routines (PROCEDURES).
  • to use built-in fonts and symbol sets.
  • to control of output display and format.
  • to generate and store multiple graphs per page.