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Arthur L. Carpenter


Arthur L. Carpenter  



B.S. Applied Mathematics
      California State Polytechnic University
      San Luis Obispo, California

M.S. Mathematics (Statistics and Operations Research)
      Colorado School of Mines
      Golden, Colorado

Post Graduate Studies (Environmental Statistics)
      University of Texas at Dallas
      Richardson, Texas


  • SAS Certified Professional Version 6
  • SAS Certified Professional Version 8
  • SAS Certified Advanced Professional Programmer


  • Statistical Analysis and Experimental Design
  • Data Base Design and Management
  • Project and Group Management
  • Classroom instruction in statistics and SAS


    Mr. Carpenter has over thirty years of experience in the areas of data processing and statistical analysis. During this time, he has worked for Texas Instruments, Inc., Lockheed Corporation, TITAN Systems, Inc. and California Occidental Consultants. His technical responsibilities have included the definition and implementation of statistical analyses of field and laboratory research data; generation of computer programs used for scientific, statistical and data base management applications; and writing of technical reports summarizing results of the statistical analyses performed. Additional managerial duties have included coordination of data processing groups and the interactions among scientists, data processing and statistical personnel. He has a strong background in survey and experimental design, data reduction, data base design and management, bioassay analysis and univariate as well as multivariate statistical techniques. His computing background includes FORTRAN, BASIC, SAS, PRODAS, REXX, EXEC2, BMDP and SPSS; with experience on IBM, DEC, DG, IBM-PC and SUN systems; using OS (MVS), VM (CMS), VMS (VAX), MS DOS, Windows, OS/2, and UNIX.

    Mr. Carpenter has served as senior consultant with California Occidental Consultants since 1983. He has headed teams responsible for the design and analysis of several large clinical trial studies aimed at federal approval of drugs and medical devices. Several user oriented data entry, retrieval, and analysis systems have been designed and implemented by Mr. Carpenter. He has been involved with the analysis of data collected to assess the effects of offshore oil explorations, waste treatment plants, nuclear power generating stations, and for a variety of other environmental issues.

    During his tenure with TITAN, Mr. Carpenter was the Project Manager on a contract responsible for the maintenance of the hardware and software systems for a marine science research group. He also provided statistical consultation, applied programming support and instruction in the use of SAS.

    While at Lockheed, Mr. Carpenter managed the data processing and statistics section for the Marine Biology Group. During this period he served as the SAS technical representative for the Lockheed Corporation and provided statistical and data processing support for several laboratory toxicity and field effluent discharge studies.

    Mr. Carpenter served as an environmental statistician with the Environmental Services Section of Texas Instruments. During this time he was responsible for the design and analysis of a number of studies concerning the environmental effects of industrial dischargers.