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Arthur L. Carpenter  



Instruction using the SAS System, a data analysis and reporting software package, has been provided by Mr. Carpenter on a wide range of topics to private companies and government agencies worldwide for over twenty years. Courses written by Mr. Carpenter range from basic to advanced topics and generally are of a one to three-day duration. He currently maintains more than a half dozen SAS courses which he actively teaches.

A formal statistics course targeting managers of companies that use SAS was written by Mr. Carpenter and has been well-received. This three-day class is designed for managers with little or no statistical background, but who are in a position which requires them to interface with statisticians.

While working with TITAN Corporation, a series of half-day seminars (classes) concerning SAS programming and data management techniques were developed and presented to staff scientists for a marine research project. The courses were presented to professionals with a variety of backgrounds.

As an employee of Lockheed Aircraft Services Corporation, Mr. Carpenter initiated a series of informal lunch time seminars covering a variety of statistical and data processing topics. Over a two-year period, more than fifty different topics were covered.

Mr. Carpenter has taught college level courses in algebra, trigonometry, geometry, and calculus at the Colorado School of Mines.

Mr. Carpenter has served as a standby instructor in mathematics and statistics for the University of Redlands and he holds a California Community Colleges Instructor Credential (#115CAR001).