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Arthur L. Carpenter  


Field sampling studies designed to estimate the health and population characteristics of striped bass (and several related species) were conducted in the Hudson River. The three year study included monthly sampling efforts utilizing a number of different gear types such as trawls, mark-recapture, gill nets, and sport fishing.

Designed analyses of data collected on marine cooling water intake bio-fouling communities. The study included irregular sample points, collected for the period of 18 months at several Southern California coastally sited power plants. Over a dozen planktonic organisms were included in the primary analyses.

Several experiments and analyses have been conducted on fish and planktonic organisms that have been entrained by coastally sited power plants. These studies analyzed fortuitous data, consequently the analyses were designed not the experiment itself.

Designed several laboratory and field experiments to test for effects of butyltins on various organisms, especially mussels, in the San Diego Bay. Laboratory experiments included acute and chronic bioassays. The field studies included twice monthly sampling and spanned a five year period.

Designed the field and laboratory experiments and analyses for the purpose of determining the effects on native fish populations of increasing concentrations of dissolved solids in Pyramid Lake, NV. Studies included field collections, acute and chronic bioassays, laboratory growth studies and laboratory reproduction studies on several species of trout as well as plants and animals in the food chain. The project lasted for over two years.

Several field collection and evaluation studies were designed and analyzed regarding the changing population characteristics of several types of flora and fauna on a recently established artificial reef in the Southern California Bight. Data were collected over a three year period and included over 25 separate analyses for over 100 taxa and taxonomic groups.

Participated in the design of laboratory experiments used to evaluate industrial dischargers. These included acute and chronic bioassays as well as soils and sediment analyses.

Participated in the design and/or analysis of over 100 evaluations of the effects of the nuclear power plant at San Onofre, CA. The study lasted ten years and the utilized data consisted of several hundred million bytes of information.

The experimental design of a riparian habitat restoration project on the Sacramento River was reviewed and modified resulting in increased information for a reduced number of experimental dollars.

Several analysis and data collection programs using SAS were written for use on air quality data collected throughout California. Projects included the establishment of data bases to be used for analysis by other contractors.

Consulted on various aspects of the collection, analysis, and presentation of data associated with the 1989 oil spill in Valdez, Alaska. Assisted with the design of experiments dealing with the cleanup efforts.

Several ongoing analyses of experimental study designs have been conducted for contractors working directly with the Environmental Protection Agency.